My Visit to the Tiger Holy place


I just figured that given that I just obtained house from volunteering that some future volunteers could intend to be notified as what to expect when showing up.

First off, I wish to state that this was an experience of a life time.
You will certainly be managing tigers, both complete grown up and also young (the cubs had to do with 9 months old when I was there, so they might be too huge to be doing several of the things I could define or there could be more youthful cubs by the time you show up and so they might be doing different tasks).


I would certainly suggest bringing some basic clinical materials such as bandaids, gauze, hydrogen peroxide and also isopropyl alcohol due to the fact that possibilities are you will earn a tiger bite or scrape. These are very fun reminders of your journey in addition to a really keen method to display to your buddies. Possibilities are that you will not be spick-and-span when staying there so it is essential to keep your injuries tidy.
Likewise, don’t bring rolling luggage as I did due to the fact that it is heck to carry around. Backpacks are suggested.

You can either take a taxi directly to the temple or you can take the 81 bus out of Kanchanaburi as well as inform the vehicle driver to drop you off at the Tiger Temple. You will after that need to trek regarding 3km to the holy place gates. Rolling your luggage 3km in the heat at 5 pm is not enjoyable! When you arrive you will after that be shown to your quarters. Females are on the primary premises. They have tile flooring, specific areas with locks, insect webs, electrical energy, fans, restrooms with bathrooms and showers, as well as sinks. Males need to continue treking back into the forest and also we live where the monks perform in huts. Ladies are not permitted back below. It is a concrete hut with a veranda as well as small “bathroom” attached. I will certainly not lie, this is basically roughing it. There is no electrical power as well as the “shower room” contains a thai toilet (a porcelein opening in the ground) a faucet utilized to flush the commode or fill out buckets for laundry or taking container showers. In the hut you will certainly be offered with candles, coverings, floor coverings, and pup tents.

Now I hope this doesn’t frighten you because just the opportunity to work with tigers such as this is definetely worth these living conditions. And you typically just come right here to sleep. Generally you can hang out at the canteen simply beyond the holy place, however beware if you are remaining late since they might secure the gate on you. Water is plenty, since the Wat bottles their very own so it is not required to bring any from town. It is true that the monks just eat one dish a day, which is morning meal which is a huge meal. Nevertheless, there is free lunch for workers as well as vacationers at the canteen during the day. This is typically noodles or pad thai. There is usually a beverage supplier there that markets sodas. And also dinner is supplied to you as well due to the fact that they drive to a nearby market to buy it. So there is really no need to stress over food, but I would still suggest dropping in Kanchanaburi for snacks or grabbing some KFC if you are tired of Thai food. I would also recommend renting out a motorbike in Kanchanaburi. This is definetely worth it because there is a great deal of dead time. We would certainly look into regional traveler places such as an elephant camp as well as Sayok Noi falls. I would certainly also definetely suggest taking a time off and visiting Erawon falls. You will need a lot of a day to do this 2 kilometres hike up the hill as well as swim in the various levels of the falls.

The regular day at the holy place is easy. At 7am you go to the cub cages as well as clean the cages and also bathe the cubs. At 8am you bring the cubs as much as morning meal at the sala. (This is where we would obtain the majority of our time playing with the cubs.) At around 9am you bring the cubs back to their cages. You have dead time up until 1pm. You might follow the employees around as well as possibly find some job to do or if you can utilize this time to discover. At 12:45, you bring the cubs to an waiting area where the tourists can obtain a far better look at them. At 1pm, you bring the tigers to the canyon. At the canyon you have several tasks: Educate the new tourists as they come down concerning the regulations of the canyon along with giving out keepsakes for contributions; go around with a worker as well as take pictures of the travelers with the larger tigers; take images for the tourists of the cubs playing in the water; likewise, you might choose to stay with the cubs by the fish pond in order to keep them in line and also off of the various other older tigers (I don’t recommend doing this for a number of days because if the cubs are not familiar with you and also they are running around off a leash, they more than likely will attempt to get you. After they are more comfy with you, then I would recommend this.) The trick is not to be terrified of them and also if they do take place to twist around your leg and also attack, provide a couple of slaps on the top of the head and also they will certainly release. At 5pm you bring the tigers back to their cages and you are provided for the day. At 7pm you are invited to go to the sala as well as join the monks for meditation, some white garments can generally be located at the women living quarters or you can simply put on a white shirt and also some loose pants.).

Additionally, if you have time, try to learn a little of the Thai language because there are just a few English speaking workers who speak thai and also the abbott talks respectable English. This will make it easier, but don’t fret if you don’t understand any since I didn’t and also the employees will certainly have a good time teaching you Thai if you educate them English. As a matter of fact, some intend to discover any other languages you can instruct them. Well, I hope this helps to get an understanding of what a volunteer at the Tiger Holy place goes through.

I want to say thanks to the internet site Walking With Tigers And Also, again, I totally suggest volunteering below. It is the opportunity of a life time.
Please additionally contribute to the Tiger Temple trough the website and register for the e-newsletter. Kyle Follansbee.

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